Why Solar?
Why install solar?
  • Purchasing an electric car? Install a 2kW system and have fuel for life
  • BC Hydro rates are increasing annually. Take advantage of net metering (more info) and start saving money on each bill instantly
  • Solar pv equipment costs have come down 80% over the last 10 years
  • Gain payback instantly. The value of your home goes up an average of 150% of the investment in your solar pv system
  • Do your part to help reduce CO2 emissions

What Stand Sure offers you:
  • Energy production assessment for your home
  • Complete installation from concept to connecting to the grid
  • Local municipality permiting and BC Hydro net metering application
  • Supply quality products that come with 25 year manufacturer warranties
  • Connect energy monitoring systems and apps to enable real time monitoring of production (Enphase) (Solar Edge)
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